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You have to ask yourself... Are You In It?

When Survival Is All That's Left!

The Prepper Movie is the first of its kind! A Full-Length Movie that follows groups of preppers after a world shattering event takes place! With over 2 hours of information and instructions The Prepper Movie will give you an adrenaline filled crash-course on how to survive in a lawless environment and promises to contain so much novel information that even the most advanced will walk away with new ideas to add to their preparedness plans!

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The Prepper Movie will be 30 minutes long and free on the internet! DVDs and Blurays in full 1080p will also be available for off-line viewing where combat veterans and real preppers will cover each of the major scenes within the movie and the tactics and preparedness methods involved in each of them and how they pertain to your preparedness goals.